Polyamory Relationship : Can You Love Two People?


Polyamory Relationship: Can you love two people?

polyamory relationship

The advocates of polyamory say that not only can you love two people at once, you can love many more. Although his own definition invites to think otherwise, this type of open relationship is far removed from infidelity. Here, all members of the “couple” know that they are not the only ones who maintain a relationship with that person, and do not care.

A new type of relationship

It is clear that relationships develop over time. What we find acceptable today (for example, that two people live together before getting married or that there are couples formed by people of the same sex) a few years ago was unthinkable. The same happens now with the so-called “polyamory”.

This term defines the relationships of multiple love and was coined in the 90s when the movement began to spread. Polyamorists can maintain romantic relationships with several people at the same time. They defend that each of them brings different values and feelings and that all of them have a place in their hearts. It is a new type of open couple.

His followers defend that it has nothing to do with polygamy, in which a single individual maintains relationships with several people but those people only have a relationship with the first. Here, everyone can have several couples without anything happening.

The rules of polyamory

In general, there are no preset rules. Each couple can put their own and adapt according to the needs of the moment. Polyamory does not understand sexual orientation. There are people who can maintain relationships with a man and a woman (or several) at the same time in case they are bisexual.

Polyamory arises from the difficulty that some people find in maintaining a unique relationship that satisfies all their emotional and sexual needs. But that does not mean that jealousy is totally banished from the equation. Coping with a relationship in which your lover is with others can generate doubts, anxiety, and insecurities. Therefore, before undertaking this adventure you must make a huge effort to change your monogamous mentality because here there is no infidelity.

And what about sex?

Each person is free to have sex with whomever they want, although polyamory has its foundations in LOVE, well capitalized. Sex is not the important thing, in fact, you can start a polyamorous relationship without having sex. Here the important thing is the relationship of intimacy that is maintained with different people.

Each of the guys/girls you go out with will bring something different on a personal level. But if you have sex with several people who, in turn, also have relationships with others, you have to exercise extreme caution.The use of condoms is paramount in these cases, do not forget it.


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