Why “Chubby” Women Enjoy More Sex


It is not a question of generalizing, but the chubby women could take the lead when it comes to enjoying sex, at least that is what some scientific studies reveal …

According to researchers from the School of Human and Animal Etiology at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom, women with wide hips have the greater sexual appetite and enjoy more of their sexual encounters, because they have higher levels of omega 3 and fatty acids, that stimulate the libido.

For their part, researchers from Cornell University, Ithaca, United States, conducted a survey of 3000 couples of overweight women and found that they have more confidence in themselves and reflect it under the sheets: they do not limit themselves and dare to try new things; this in the voice of their lovers.

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Scientists attribute this to the fact that most thin women are more concerned with satisfying others and this not only generates stress in bed but prevents things from flowing naturally and neither side feels at ease during the sexual session.

The truth is that the key to having a full sex life is to accept yourself because this way you feel comfortable and do not allow complexes or fears to take over you when it comes to feeling pleasure.


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