25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas


25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

The 25th Wedding Anniversary is celebrated when the marriage turns 25 years old. Living together for a quarter of a century is a personal achievement and that is why many staff want to perpetuate their love with a special party. It is the first anniversary that is celebrated in a big way among family, friends and close people.

The symbol of this anniversary is associated with silver and represents a completed stage in the life of a couple. Before this celebration, there are already anniversaries whose symbol is a metal – iron (6 years), bronze (8 years), aluminum and steel (10 and 11 years). However, these metals represent only force, while silver is a semiprecious metal that also represents the nobility and value of the anniversary.

Unlike the golden wedding, when the marriage already has adult children and grandchildren, at the wedding of silver, the children are usually very young and in many cases, they are still studying. Therefore, the expenses and the organization to celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary are usually the responsibility of the spouses on the 25th wedding anniversary.

If you and your husband or wife have also reached the 25th anniversary of marriage and wish to celebrate this beautiful date, below you will find tips and ideas to celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary … And by the way Congratulations!

How To Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary?


As for the place where the 25th Wedding Anniversary will be held, it is a very personal matter. Normally, couples choose a restaurant with a lounge (it does not need to be large). Many salons offer catering services and can surely organize a good 25th Wedding Anniversary.

25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

However, there are more creative ideas to celebrate this event. You can opt for an outdoor celebration. For that, you can rent a garden and decorate it to your liking.

When a celebration is held in an open space there are certain things that must be taken into account.

To give more emphasis to the party you can incorporate similar elements to the silver, of whitish color to give a distinctive and representative touch.


25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Another important part of a 25th Wedding Anniversary are the guests. This anniversary can be celebrated in a big way with more than 50 people, but many prefer to have an intimate and exclusive party.

In the case of the option to create a large party, personalized invitations can be sent to the attendees.


25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Other practices that are usually used in this ceremony are rings. Many couples exchange silver rings for their anniversary, but this is not always the case.

If the couple was married in a church, the parish can be asked to organize a small ceremony, where the couple renews their vows.

In this case, the parents can be accompanied by their children: in the ideal case, the father by the daughter, and the mother by the son.

If the couple had a civil wedding, they can also organize a symbolic ceremony in which the marriage renews their vows or simply prepare a 25th Wedding Anniversary address affectionate to each other.

It can be something simple but moving to remember past times and stir up feelings again.


25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Another question that may arise is the silver wedding dresses. Unlike the first wedding, there are no certain indications for the couple. Elegance is the only criterion!

The husband usually puts on a black suit, while the woman can opt for a light-colored dress (can even be silver) or a set of the female suit.


Music is a very important factor for the party to go well. Inviting musicians may be a good idea, but since the size of the party is not so great, live music can be dispensed with. Applications like Spotify and iTunes can give the party a shot with songs for weddings or just a personalized list.

25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

The songs for 25th Wedding Anniversary can be of your time, the hits of the younger years, bring out those memories will create a special atmosphere to awaken those feelings.

It is a unique event so it may be a good idea to create a personalized photo album or video of the event. Finding and hiring a good photographer today is easier than ever.


Normally, things that have silver elements are given away. Among the most prominent are personalized watches bathed in silver, a commemorative plaque with the date of the event, personalized cups, towels with inscriptions and pocket watches with photos of the couple.

25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Children can make a more creative gift for their parents’ silver wedding, by creating a photo album, or by dedicating a poem or a song to them.

You can also buy an original bridal bouquet to remember the event that took place 25 years ago.


25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Many couples go crazy about how to organize a silver jubilee wedding, and like the first event when you got married, there are professional specialists who know how to celebrate charming 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Hire a specialist in original weddings with charm and you will see how through a series of questions he prepares an unusual show to experience again the first sensation you felt when you got married. In addition, you can also help you suggest gifts for 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Speech and phrases for the 25th Wedding Anniversary:

There are occasions where children can make a speech talking about the life of their parents, give thanks or any other aspect that is rewarding for them, they will surely take an incredible surprise that they will love.

25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

You can also add some prayers to bless the relationship and congratulate for the years lived.

Everything will depend on your budget but currently, this type of celebration that was previously more conservative has changed adapting to new trends.

The same goes for silver Jubilee wedding cakes, you do not need it to be something spectacular like the first celebration, but as a detail, it creates many memories for the couple.

Now you have many ideas to offer details for parents in silver, gold or those who touch!

If you have an invitation to the silver jubilee wedding and you are thinking about gifts for a silver jubilee wedding, you do not need to spend a lot of money, you can give something of that color (it does not have to be silver) like crockery or decorative elements.

In the following video you can take ideas to put 25th Wedding Anniversary details:

And finally … No matter how the 25th Wedding Anniversary will be celebrated, you can even skip the party too, because getting to this date itself is a great joy.

And that love is worth joy, not sorrow!


There are many options to give on this anniversary. The trends in 2018 of wedding anniversaries according to the years of the moment are gold, crystal, pearl and diamond, the anniversaries in the following years may change to more minimalist styles …

Family anecdote

For many years my uncles have wanted to share other anniversaries with their friends, but this year was their day. They wanted to look for information to see decoration (paper and wood) in an article of any related blog, after all, Google knows everything.

After looking at some page and see ideas for their day, what they did not imagine is that the whole family prepared an incredible anniversary, including a mini orchestra and video reminders where more than one of them missed some fruit juices.

Really the unexpected (even surprise) is very popular, but in our case, we gave them few clues so that they would not discover the “cake” organized to offer this year a spectacular anniversary.

If you want to have even more inspiration, I recommend that you see more pictures of 25th Wedding Anniversary and get more ideas for the anniversary.


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