8 Pieces Of Clothing That Will Make You Look Instantly Sexy



If you want a more noticeable figure in your daily. You must know the stylish trick. These pieces of clothing that add weight to your appearance. Here are some tricks that stylize your looks:

1. Light-colored dress

Light colors widen, while dark colors thin. Based on this, choose those that make your figure look better such as blue, black, red, among others, and avoid pastel shades without fear. Fashion is by your side, you just have to adapt it to you!

2. Nightdress

By nature, this type of garments are free; that is, baggy. And the mistake of using them if you want to disguise a little your real weight is to take them up from the knee. Visually add weight to your look.

3. Loose clothes and accessories

It’s a fatal mistake! Carrying your clothes, accessories, and shoes in huge proportions creates a “messy” appearance. Ideally, you should find a balance.

4. Dress without size


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Ok, we accept that they are very comfortable, but this type of dress “long shirt” completely cancel your curves. The idea is to find a dress that suits the shape of your body; For example, the tube cut and without huge prints.

5. Horizontal stripes


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It is no myth, this line visually extends your body to the sides. The solution for girls who want to avoid visually increasing two or three sizes is to choose vertical stripes. Problem solved!

6. Oversize coat: Choose blazers that are closer to your waist.

These outfits are beautiful, but not advisable for curvy women or who have the purpose of looking thinner. Leave this type of garments for the thinnest ones and turn the plain garments into your best allies and that will surely make you look sensational.

8. Extravagant Skirts


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If your purpose is to look thinner, skirts with ruffles, flights, or online A are not your best allies.


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