Dua Lipa Wore Thigh High Jurassic Park Boots They’re Actually So Good


Dua Lipa joins the world of Jurassic Park What legs! (PHOTOS)

Dua Lipa Wore Thigh High Jurassic Park Boots

Singer Dua Lipa showed herself in a sensual Thigh High Jurassic Park Boots.

Dua Lipa at 24 years old is one of the most beloved singers by the public, being one of the celebrities who have a great talent in front of the camera, taking into account that her sensuality is considered from birth where she boasts a sculptural figure in each of his shows.

Since her return to social networks with her new single “Don’t Start Now”. The singer has been constantly in the eyes of the public, leading a good relationship with her more than 35.9 million followers. Dua Lipa constantly thanks for all the support sharing fun content from their fans.


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On this occasion, she did not continue showing off spectacular boots with the theme of the successful Jurassic Park saga.

In the comments, the singer received all kinds of compliments for wearing boots. At last, she was asked about the place where she got the accessories.

Fans quickly let out their creativity and dedicated all kinds of memes to the boots-loving singer.

Since on another occasion, Dua Lipa was seen with spectacular boots, where she was also criticized with humor, to let, Of course.

Dua Lipa has no limit in terms of fashion, being one of the aspects that most characterizes it.

On the other hand, Dua Lipa has shown a style that many women have begun to use and is not wearing a bra under their clothes.

So their bust is the most sensual when they share it on their social networks. Showing a new account that she has no problem continuing to follow her own style.


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