8 Easy Fashion Tips That Will Change Your Life If You Are Short


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Have you ever had problems so that the clothes fit you because you are short? It has a solution! You just need to follow these fashion tips that we tell you below.

1. monochromatic colors help to look taller

If you are the same tone or hue. This type of outfits lengthens the figure with the effect of a vertical appearance without cuts. Another trick that works perfectly is to use neutral or dark colors, but always complying with this rule.

2. Say “hello” to the heels adding extra height!

From thin, thick and square heels, this is one of the infallible tricks to add a few extra inches to your appearance. Best of all, if you do not get used to stiletto shoes, why not opt for those with a high heel?

3. Your best friend is high waist jeans

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Seeming higher is a matter of proportions. She takes advantage of shorts, skirts, and high-waisted pants, which, due to her style, create a kind of optical illusion. When your waist looks taller, your legs immediately, too. This makes your silhouette look even more slender than it really is.

4. Welcome the miniskirt The legs are on display!

Miniskirts and mid-length dresses are made for this. The perfect combination of style, color and footwear are able to give your legs a longer appearance. Of course, these pieces must go above the knee to avoid falling into the inappropriate.

5. Wear Thin belt

Leave thick for tall women because in your case for being a short woman will further divide your figure and make you look shorter. Thin and thin belts have to turn them into your best allies when it comes to seeing your fashion.

6. Maxi dresses 

You do not need bulky dresses, but rather more tight clothes.

7. V-neckline


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In your task to add centimeters, blouses, dresses or blazers with V neck make this area of your body look extra proportion. Dare to wear them more often because they also make you look sexy!

8. XS prints

It’s a never-ending fight because of women like it. You are never sure if wearing them feels good. In the case of those of short stature, the correct thing is to avoid large patterns and prints. Choose the smaller ones.


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