8 Fashion Mistakes All Women Should Avoid When You Wear Jeans – [photos]


Jeans are a fundamental piece in any wardrobe, reflecting comfort, rebelliousness, and youth. They are the spoiled of all!

Jeans are labeled “saves lives”, so much so that by just wearing a silk blouse, heels and accessories you have the perfect look to go to the office, without falling into informality or lack of elegance.

However, in your fanatical struggle to always be in fashion, you make blunders that you have to stop doing today.

1. Very tight white pants

You love this garment for its versatility because you combine it with all kinds of colors without your outfit looking boring. The error is when you choose a very tight cowboy. By its clear tonality, it is obvious that it makes the legs stand out even more and also those “imperfections” that you are obsessed with hiding because the shadows are much more noticeable at the bottom of this color.

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Recommendation: Look for one neither too tight nor too loose. The length is also a factor to take into account. Those that reach the ankle are perfect.

2. Skinny not for all

Girls, you have to be aware that not all fashions favor us all. This happens because there are styles and cuts that do not favor the shape of your body. Therefore, if your legs are very thin, avoid using skinny jeans because your limbs will look less wide. In your case, the ideal cut is the rectum, adjusted on the thighs to not give away your beautiful thinness.

3. NEVER to the hip

Deform your body hourglass, are you going to risk? It is proven that this pant cut works as a barrier between your waist, hips, and legs. As well? By its recurrent use, you will get to “lose” your waist, while your legs will look shorter.

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4. Heels and jeans at the hip

If you have short legs, NEVER fall into this double error.

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5. And the wide hips?

Ok, for you there are also solutions. For what our friends with wide hips tell us, it is almost impossible for them to find this type of garment. For your comfort has to be above fashion, but without losing the glamor. The best closet tip you should follow is to choose pants that fit your hips, but that is thin at the bottom so that they do not impede your movement.

6. Without “V”

You dream of having a rear similar to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and even Thalia, but unfortunately, not all women were born with that anatomy. Quiet! If what you want is to increase the volume of your buttocks, you have to avoid simple jeans and bet on those who have cuts in “V” above your buttocks.

7. Clear Denim

If you want to avoid marking imperfections, run away at full speed from light denim tones and soft fabrics.

8. Colors

when you wear jeans

Red, yellow, orange … the colored jeans are a real accident to your look because they make your legs look thinner. Get away from them! Recommendation: opt for neutral colors like this.


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