Ivanka Trump Buy Cheap 35 Dollar Dress At The Target Store


Ivanka Trump is not only recognized for being the daughter of US President Donald Trump, but for being a businesswoman in the fashion world who loves to wear the clothes of the best designers. However, a few days ago surprised everyone by wearing a black floral print dress sold at the Target store for only $ 35.

Ivanka Trump is not the type of woman who buys her clothes in a “cheap” store, but there are two powerful reasons to purchase a garment like that. This is the cheapest dress Ivanka Trump has worn so far.

The first reason: Victoria Beckham

ivanka trump

Specifically, it is a satin black dress with ruffles and two stamped Alcatraz flowers. The garment was designed by former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham as a collaboration for the Target store. Its original price is about 35 dollars, however, when Ivanka used it already cost 17 dollars and to make it short, currently has a discount of 70% and costs $ 8.

The second reason: solidarity with the people of the United StatesĀ Cheap dress worn by Ivanka Trump

During Melania Trump’s visit to Sicily, Italy, the first lady wore a $ 51,000 Dolce & Gabanna floral coat, for which she was heavily criticized. But apparently, Ivanka has resorted to using a cheap dress as a “strategy” to get away from the criticisms that her father and Melania receive for the economic waste they commit.

Although on the other hand, Ivanka has been wearing floral prints throughout this season, and Victoria Beckham’s dress meets the tasteful requirements of the President’s daughter, so we are now caught in the doubt, if it is A personal taste or does it to get closer to the people.


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    Very nice dress on both women. Proves cost isnt everything. ?


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