10 Outfits for Every Girl Who Loves Grunge Style


Grunge style became popular in the 80s and 90s with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, who set the tone not only in music but also in the fashion world, helping many teens find inspiration from that era.

But it is not an old grunge fashion because you are male or female, the attitude of “do not care” remains in force, either because of their simplicity or dowdy image that carefully currently looking at some trends. Let’s look at some outfits that are indispensable for girls who want to give that touch to their wardrobe.

1. Velvet touch Grunge Fashion.


You can also choose following grunge fashion Dark red velvet jacket, black round neck shirt, black combat boots.

2. For days not so cold or so hot.

grunge style

Multicolored sweater,top chunky sweater,boot,tights,bag,awesome style for winter or summer.

3. Teenagers Grunge Style.

teenager grunge styles

Super short skirts or shorts with stockings or knee socks; With Accessories such as knit hats and hats. Leather jackets or sweatshirts of dark colors.

4. Formal Grunge Fashion.

teenager grunge style

Loose top, fishnet stockings, bag,  beanie hat or knit hat and a contrasting accessory like a watch or a necklace.

5. The hipster that is not Hipster Grunge style.

hipster grunge style

Black boucle jacket, sweatshirt, shirt, plaid skirt, knee socks, woven and accessories to sunglasses.

6. For fans of Nirvana Grunge Style.

nirvana grunge style

Denim top, Nirvana t-shirt or you can wear with the check shirt and Converse black also.

7. Bohemian Grunge style.

Bohemian Grunge style.

Ash T-shirt, plaid shirt, dark denim trousers, shoes or leather boots.

8. Grunge to the extreme Grunge style.

extreme grunge style

Hat, top chuncky sweater, tights, denim shorts and boots with metallic applications, accessories such as glasses and necklace.

9. Pearl Jam Grunge Style.

perl jam grunge style

Denim trousers, high-heeled military boots, white t-shirt, leather jacket, the plaid shirt tied around the waist and knit cap.

10. Summer grunge style.

summer grunge style

plaid shirt, denim shorts, and boot.


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