These Plus Size Model Copy Kim Kardashian Swimsuit Pose


Diana Sirokai is a Hungarian plus-size model copy Kim Kardashian body positive swimsuit pose. She’s an advocate for body positivity and a fashion designer.

She have own curvy collection L.A based clothing line Xehar. Diana by Xehar

Why these women copy kim kardashian swimsuit pose because she encourage women
dress attractive and fashionable with no matter of size and also self love.

She revealed swimsuit photo side by side with Kim Kardashian.

Inspired by photos of Kardashian positive body posing in a white one-piece bathing suit, Sirokai tells

I loved these images of Kim, and in my head I said there’s no way I could do that because as a plus-size girl, we do have bigger body parts, and then I thought… I will do it! This is what I stand for with body positivity.


These model  is not familiar with bikini and lingerie photos.She come with idea of copying
Kim Kardashian positive swimsuit pose seemed little out of her comfort zone.

Sirokai tracked down city-based photographer Karizza, who has since spoken highly about working with her.

Love to work with plus size girls because they are so full of life, so confident and they know how to enjoy the moment!” the photographer captioned a headshot of Sirokai. “Next week I will start my photo project which has aim to show deep beauty, character, sensuality and unique features of every girl!

She captioned on instagram with amazing sentiments


My ‘Flaws’ are my power,


10 Things to tell yourself every morning before starting off your day. I am healthy. I am strong. I am powerful. I am happy. I am blessed. I am wealthy. I am grateful. Today I am a better version of myself than yesterday. I can do it. I am loved.

Now, with more than 20,000 likes on each of the photos, Sirokai expresses shock about the positive reactions she’s received. While she admits to the challenge of posting her own photos next to the celebrity’s, the experience has allowed her to see how comments on social media can drive people to change themselves.

My “Flaws” are my power. [email protected]_karizza

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An observation she’s seen throughout the comments is how natural Sirokai looks next to the star. However, Sirokai remains set on teaching others not to make such judgments.

“I am all about keeping it as natural as possible,” Sirokai says. “I just don’t want to judge women or men, because we all go through struggles. With my Instagram and images I hope to inspire all types of women, because we all need support.”

“If Kim could pull it off, I can too! Because we are no different. We are all beautiful and unique in our own ways.”


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