5 Chic Street Style Trends From Paris Fashion Week 2018


5 Chic Street Style Trends From Paris Fashion Week 2018

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Plaid. Photos: Imaxtree

The street trends we keep from Fashion Week in Paris.

Fashion Week in Paris has come to an end and of course, little attention to the street style is enough to get a taste of the trends you should book for the next season. The 5 street trends you will see below are the first ones that will start to concern us.

The plaid in all its splendor

It’s not a new trend, but it’s definitely the most updated print for the next season that you will hardly avoid. Besides, why do it, since you will surely find a version of it that suits you.

Logo prints are everywhere

Brand logos have become a trend on their own and from where you’ve been avoiding them, you will now be looking for them, since designers have taken care of you and have been slightly groomed.

The tiny handbags make the difference

They definitely take your keys and your mobile and are more of an accessory than your practical bag. Whatever the tiny handbags are the new obsession of fashionistas and they will probably become yours too.

Its coffee and earthy shades

The waist, the beige, the color of the sand and all the other warm earthy shades you can remember will cover much of the pallet for the new season.

Ugly shoes are the next cool trend

You have seen them, rejected them or worshiped, and now it’s time to start getting used to your feet or those around you. Ugly shoes seem to be the new generation of sneakers to dominate street style.

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