This Funny Tips To Pee With Wedding Dress Step By Step


This Funny Tips To Pee With Wedding Dress Step By Step

Tips To Pee With Wedding Dress

It’s already a wedding season and I’m sure that more than one bride this curious trick will go great at the time of going to the bathroom if you opted for a voluminous wedding dress. The Ikea Hackers website has explained a simple trick with the famous Ikea blue so that the skirt is not a nuisance.

“Call to all future brides! This trick will save the day! It seems funny, but my God, it’s brilliant”, with this claim Ikea Hackers, web specialized in giving a new use to Ikea things, offers a curious trick so that the wedding dress is not a nuisance when going to the toilet.

There are more and more options to choose a wedding dress, but the truth is that “the classic dress” will never go out of fashion. And although they are very beautiful sometimes the voluminous skirts, especially those that have a tail, can be quite an odyssey every time the bride wants to go to the bathroom.

The solution? A blue Ikea bag! Surely you have some of these blue plastic bags in some corner of the house. In addition to transporting things, this website has found a fun but apparently very good for brides on their big day.

The web details the step by step that you must follow to serve as “pick up dress”:

1.- Make a hole in the middle of the base of the bag. Beware: the hole should not be too big. It is better to cut a smaller hole and enlarge it later. It must be stuck to your body if you want it to work!

2.- Put your feet in the hole of the bag.

3.- Raise the handles and put them on suspenders. If the hole does not fit your hips, making it a little bigger, but without going through. She thinks she has to put up with the dress skirt.

4.- You’re ready to pee with the wedding dress!


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