10 Things You Should Wear Before 40


Although we find it hard to accept, some clothes look better or worse, depending on our age. For example, shorts, crop tops or leggings it’s best to say NO at the age of women’s 40.

However, These are 10 items that every women’s should wear before 40 for your personality and make sure that you will steal the looks of many around you.

1. Leather Shorts or Mini Skirts

Youth is the best time to show off your legs when wearing short, sensual garments. The best thing is that you should wear them in summer and winter, simply wearing flats, sandals, boots or tights.

2. SportsWear

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Believe it or not, sportswear is also designed to look casual; You can combine them with flashy accessories and even use sneakers to make them stand out more.

3. Neon Colors Dresses 

Yes, they may be rare, but why not use them while you’re a cheeky girl?

4. Crop Top

The crop tops are the perfect allies for the summer, you can look sexy and attractive if you take a walk or if you go the beach.

5. Torn Jeans

These types of garments are perfect for letting out your inner rebel girl; Also you will look daring and very sensual.

6. Sports Shoes

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You can wear this type of shoes at any place and time of year and rest assured that they will always look perfect; Will help you feel comfortable doing any activity.

7. Overalls The Jumpsuit

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These types of garments will always give you a youthful style, are fresh and perfect for summer. What do you expect to use one?

8. Rock Bands Shirts

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Rock band shirts give you the power to express your musical tastes, so it’s a good time to use them.

9. Pattern Leggings

These garments are the perfect complement for a crop top, you will achieve a perfect balance between both garments.

10. Clothing With Unusual Cuts

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It’s about time you get into dresses with strange cuts. Start by showing your daring side with deep front necklines or bareback and lateral cuts.


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