10 Dessert Recipes In Cups That Actually Good Taste


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They are always a great source to prepare fast and colorful desserts. The cups allow us to play with a lot of ingredients, textures, and colors.

Desserts presented in cups or glasses are attractive and elegant, perfect to surprise guests.

In addition, being desserts in individual portions are much easier to serve and allows us not to overdo the products.

Today we want to recommend some easy and different desserts served in cups. Here we go!

1. Chocolate, Banana Avocado Mousse

Chocolate, banana avocado mousse


– 250 grams of avocado

– 2 bananas

– 20-30 grams of pure cocoa powder

– Milk

– 50 grams of honey

How To Prepare Chocolate, Banana Avocado Mousse?

Banana has more flavor than avocado, therefore less quantity is added, but you can put 200 grams of each.

As indicated in the ingredients, the amount of cocoa will vary according to how you like chocolate, you can put a little less than the amount indicated. The same about honey and how sweet we like dessert, which will also depend on how ripe the fruit is.

So having the peace of mind that you can make this mousse to your liking, to prepare it you just have to peel the bananas and avocados and chop them, put them quickly in the blender with the cocoa powder, milk, and honey, and crush until Get a dense cream.

You can serve the chocolate, banana and avocado cream with honey in cups or dessert cups. The presentation can be completed with some chopped almonds, some nuts, some hazelnuts, some broken biscuits, and a good meal!

2. Mango yogurt with Black Rice

Mango yogurt with black rice


– 225 grams of mango (peeled)

– 40-50 grams of sugar

– Lemon juice

– 125 grams of creamy natural yogurt

– 1/2 c / c curry

– 70 grams of Venere rice or black rice

– Caramelized nuts

How To Prepare Mango yogurt with Black Rice?

Peel the mango and put the amount indicated in the blender, along with the sugar, the amount may vary depending on how sweet the fruit is.

Add the lemon juice, yogurt, and curry. Blend until you get a light cream, try it to give it the desired sweet spot, taking into account that you have to sweeten the rice, that is, it should be a little sweeter than you would like. You can also play with the curry point to taste.

Cover the bowl with the yogurt and let it rest in the fridge. Meanwhile, cook the rice, Put plenty of water in a saucepan and add the rice, put it on the fire and when it boils, lower the heat and let it cook until the grain is tender about 30-40 minutes.

When the rice is venerated, drain it and let it cool. The rice cooking water can be reserved for other elaborations since it acquires the nutty flavor of the cereal in addition to the color.

Prepare the caramelized nuts, you can follow this recipe, you will not spend all for this dessert, but they will surely be consumed, in any case, you can reduce the amount of the ingredients proportionally.

Mix the mango yogurt with the rice and spread it in dessert cups, place the caramelized walnuts on top and a pinch of curry.

3. Creamy Strawberry Chocolate Pudding

Creamy Strawberry Chocolate Pudding


– 500 grams of milk

– 100 grams of sugar

– 45-50 grams of cornstarch

– Vanilla extract

– 50 grams of chocolate fondant 70%

– 160 grams of strawberries

How To Prepare Creamy Strawberry Chocolate Pudding?

Place the milk in a bowl with the sugar and cornstarch, beat so that it dissolves. Put the preparation on the fire and while stirring, wait until it boils.

At that time, lower the heat to a minimum and continue to return until it thickens and you get a fine and homogeneous cream. Remove from heat.

Spread 100 grams of the cream to make the creamy chocolate pudding and the rest to make the strawberry pudding. Crush the chocolate and put it in the bowl with the 100 grams of hot cream, beat with a spatula until the heat of the cream melts the chocolate and you get the fine, homogeneous and creamy pudding. Put it in a pastry bag.

Clean the fruit just before adding it to the container with the rest of the cream, wash it with water, dry it, remove the peduncle and cut it. Crush until you get a fine cream. Pass it through the Chinese and pour it into cups or bowls.

Let the creamy strawberry and chocolate pudding cool at room temperature.

Distribute the creamy chocolate pudding forming rosettes, or as you like. Reserve in the refrigerator, covering the glasses with transparent film, until serving time. You can also reserve the strawberry and chocolate pudding (on the sleeve) separately and before serving finish assembling it.

4. Mascarpone Cream

Mascarpone Cream


– 4 eggs

– 160-180 grams of sugar

– 500 grams of mascarpone

– 3 c / s of Marsala (or sweet wine or liquor to taste)

– A pinch of salt

– Cocoa powder

– White or black chocolate chips

How To Prepare Mascarpone Cream?

Separate the yolks from the whites, Put the first ones in a bowl with half the sugar and beat them until you get a well-aerated cream, which has tripled its volume.

Add the pinch of salt to the egg whites and mount them, you can do it with an electric mixer. When they are almost assembled add the rest of the sugar and continue beating until they are very firm.

Add the mascarpone, which you will have at room temperature (or you will soften quickly), to the yolk bowl and mix carefully until you get a fine cream, do not beat in excess. Add the wine or liquor next.

Then incorporate the whites mounted little by little and making enveloping movements so that they do not lose body. Once all the ingredients are integrated, pour them into four cups or dessert glasses and let them rest in the fridge for at least two or four hours.

At the time of serving the mascarpone cream decorate it to taste, you can sprinkle a little cocoa powder (it moistens quickly) and add some white or black chocolate chips, to taste.

5. Creamy Banana Pudding


– 500 grams of milk

– 80/100 grams of sugar

– 40 grams of cornstarch

– ½ vanilla pod

– 200 grams of banana (peeled)

To accompany

Salted butter caramel, grated chocolate, chocolate sauce, cookies.

How To Prepare Creamy Banana Pudding?

Put the milk, sugar, and cornstarch in a bowl, and beat to dissolve well. Open the vanilla pod and with the tip of the knife collect the seeds inside, add to the milk.

Bring to heat and bring to a boil while still moving so that it does not stick to the bottom. When the milk is about to boil, lower the heat and continue cooking until the cream thickens, do not stop beating.

Remove from heat, add the chopped banana and mash with the electric mixer. Once you get a fine and homogeneous cream, try it to see if it is well with sugar and put it back to the fire, let it boil again, while you bat.

Then remove from heat and pour into dessert glasses. Cover each serving of pudding with clear skin film. Let stand at room temperature and once it has cooled.

When you go to serve the banana pudding, finish it by adding whatever you like, a little salted butter caramel, toffee, chocolate sauce or chopped chocolate, some broken cookies and enjoy.

6. Tiramisu Cup With Brown Glace

Tiramisu cup with brown glace


– 3 egg yolks

– 90 grams of sugar

– 200 grams of mascarpone

– 200 ml of whipping cream

– 60 grams of icing sugar

– 150/200 grams of strong and cold espresso coffee

– 1-2 c / s Amaretto (although it recommends aniseed liquor if you want to vary)

– 8 sponge cakes

– 8 brown glacé

– Pure cocoa powder

How To Prepare Tiramisu Cup With Brown Glace?

Put the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl and whisk manually until you get a clear and thick cream. Add the mascarpone cheese while continuing to beat.

Mount the cream with the icing sugar until it forms peaks and then mixes it with the mascarpone preparation, with enveloping movements so that the cream does not come down until the ingredients have been integrated. Cover the container with clear film and reserve in the refrigerator.

Put the coffee in an appropriate dish or tray to wet the biscuits, add the Amaretto (or the chosen liquor) and mix.

Prepare the dessert cups, pour a third of the tiramisu cream into the cups, break two of the candied chestnuts and spread them, then dip the sponge cake on both sides in the coffee, taking care not to soak in excess and crumble, go placing them on crumbled chestnuts.

Smooth the surface by lightly pressing the biscuits and finish distributing the mascarpone cream, also leaving the surface smooth. Cover the cups and reserve them in the refrigerator for about two or three hours.

Before serving the tiramisu glasses, sprinkle generously with cocoa powder and decorate with the candied chestnuts.

7. White Chocolate And Vanilla Mousse (Without Egg)

White chocolate and vanilla mousse (without egg)


– 500 grams of cream

– 75 grams of sugar

– 1 vanilla pod

– 250 grams of white chocolate

– 70 grams of milk

– Caramelized almond (optional)

– Chocolate syrup (optional)

How To Prepare White Chocolate And Vanilla Mousse (Without Egg)?

To make the cream well, it should be in the fridge from the previous day, that is, it is very cold. Put it in a wide bowl.

Prepare the sugar and vanilla, open the pod and remove the seeds inside with the tip of a knife. Mix the sugar with the vanilla and if you wish, mash in the coffee grinder so that it mixes well and so that the sugar is better integrated into the cream.

Start whipping the cream and when it is half mounted, add the sugar with the vanilla, continue beating until it is fully assembled. Reserve in the covered refrigerator.

Put the milk and the small chopped white chocolate in a bowl, put it in the microwave and program 30 seconds, remove it and move it with a spatula, assess if it takes a few seconds more heat to melt well, put it again another 30 seconds if necessary. With each microwave and each chocolate the time can vary, but remember that it is very delicate and burns easily, so it is better to fall short. If you prefer, you can melt it in the water bath.

When white chocolate with milk is a homogeneous cream, let it drop a little more temperature and pour it over the whipped cream, mix gently with a spatula, making enveloping movements.

Distribute the white chocolate mousse in the glasses and cover them with transparent film. Let stand in the fridge for at least four hours.

When serving, you can add the white chocolate and vanilla mousse with caramelized almonds or other dried fruit to taste, you can also serve it with fresh fruit or chopped cookies. And if you want to give it a touch of cocoa, finish with this chocolate syrup.

8. Brownie with plum jam and cream

Brownie with plum jam


– 4 small portions of brownie (or other types of cake)

– 12 c / s plum jam

– 12 nuts

– 100/150 grams of whipping cream

– Sugar

– Cake crumbs to decorate

How To Prepare Brownie With Plum Jam?

Put the cream that you should have very cold in the freezer. Surely the most appropriate and practical will be to mount an amount larger than necessary for the number of desserts you want to prepare. With the rest of the cream we make another dessert or freeze it to consume it on another occasion, just put it in a container with a tight lid and when you want to use it, remove it in time for it to thaw.

The plum jam must be prepared beforehand. Cut the brownie into bite pieces, you can do it with a knife or break it with your hands. Finally, peel the nuts and chop them.

To assemble the Brownie glass with plum and cream jam, start by putting the brownie on the base, then the jam and the nuts, then cream. Put another layer of brownie, jam, nuts, and cream. With the same crumbs that have come off the cake or with a reserved piece, make a kind of sand to sprinkle on the cream.

9. Strawberries With Cheese And Chocolate

Strawberries With Cheese And Chocolate


– 300 grams of strawberries

– 200/250 grams of fresh smoothie cheese (can be 0% MG)

– 20/30 grams of sugar

– Crushed chocolate cake

– Nutella mounted cattle

– Caramelized chopped hazelnut

How To Prepare Strawberries With Cheese And Chocolate?

Prepare strawberries, at least half an hour before serving. Wash them, remove the peduncle and cut them into squares. Put them in a bowl and add the beaten cheese and sugar. Mix well and cover with transparent film.

Prepare the remains of sponge cake (if you have another flavor you can also use it), simply break it in crumbs and then place it in the bowls or glasses of dessert.

The Nutella ganache or truffle must be prepared in advance, if you have made the Nutella Cupcakes you will have to make this dessert and more. Prepare it in the pastry bag with a smooth nozzle (or curly if you prefer), and let it rest in the fridge.

Prepare the dessert glasses, first distribute the chocolate sponge cake in the background, over it, distribute the strawberries marinated with cheese and finally squash the chocolate ganache. Finish decorating with ice cream with hazelnut and serve immediately.

10. Lemon Pie And Fresh Cheese In Cup

Lemon Pie And Fresh Cheese


– 1 package of Neapolitan cookies (they do not carry lactose)

– 100 gr of butter (or soy margarine)

– 1 envelope of lemon jelly

– 350 gr of fresh cheese without salt (or fresh cheese without lactose)

– 200 ml of soy cream

– 50 gr of sugar (or sweetener to taste)

How To Prepare Lemon Pie And Fresh Cheese?

Crush the cookies and add the butter, then cover the bottom of the cups, set aside a little for coverage. Heat 1/2 glass of water and undo the jelly in it. Let it cold down.

Crush the fresh cheese with the cream, sugar and lemon zest. We incorporate the lemon jelly. We pour the resulting dough into the cups, sprinkle with more cookie and let cool in the fridge for 2 hours.

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