How To Make The Best Baked Chicken With Lemon Of All Time


Baked Chicken with Lemon. Easy, Quick and Tasty Cooking Recipe

baked chicken lemon recipes

With this recipe of baked chicken with lemon. We assure that you can enjoy an excellent dinner or lunch to invite your friends or entertain your family.

We always recommend that to roast poultry meat. It is advisable to use some fruits such as some orange or apple. It will give a very particular taste, we advise you to try it.

Another of the cooking tricks we learned is that whenever you make chicken you cook it. The night before or a few hours before.

This what it does is marinate the chicken capturing the best aromas and then favoring the taste of the food.

Remember that the skin, although it looks crispy and golden color. It is not advisable to eat it for a matter of cholesterol and health.

But this does not mean that you have to remove it when you cook the chicken. You must leave the skin to give it the exact taste and that the meat is juicy.


This ingredient for 2 people. So if you want for 4 people or more dinners what you have to do is double the amounts Ingredients.

2 sets of leg and thigh, what would be the hindquarters of chicken with skin
1 clove garlic
4 lemons
1 sweet onion or the red one
5 ml of honey
45 ml white wine
30 ml extra virgin olive oil
5 ml Dijon mustard
2 ml Worcestershire sauce
10 grams of Provence or Provencal herbs
salt to taste
ground black pepper
2 thyme on a fresh branch

How to make baked chicken with lemon Step by Step

Before starting the preparation you have to have the ingredients that I already detailed you before.

You must consider that it is an easy recipe and it is fast what takes more time is the baking in the oven for which this recipe will take you an hour and a half (1 hour and 30 minutes).

Since on the one hand, you have 15 minutes in what involves the preparation, then you have 45 minutes of cooking the chicken and about 30 minutes of rest to take the flavors.

Let’s start:

1. To start you have to preheat your oven to 180 ° C the taste of the chicken influences a lot of the type of oven you have as well as the strength of the gas as well as if you use an electric oven which I do not recommend it for cooking and go out willingly.

2. If you have feathers removed as well as any type of fat that is abundant, clean the hindquarters of the chicken very well.

3. With a kitchen tissue paper what you have to do is to dry the chicken well and then you must place it in a dish or broiler that is suitable for the oven, always try to make it big so that you can move the chicken to your liking when the oven is hot and not burn you.

4. Cut in half 3 lemons and squeeze all juice or juice as they say in Spain until you reach 60 ml of liquid. It is always important to have a Liquid Level Meter.

5. The next thing you have to do is add the squeezed lemon, the mustard, then the Worcestershire sauce, you also add the olive oil, the white wine, the honey, now it’s time for the Provencal herbs, the cumin and finally, you add Salt and pepper to your liking.

6. Once you have added all those ingredients you start mixing, beating until well blended.

7. Then you start peeling the clove of garlic and the onion.

8. First, you wash and then sliced ​​the remaining lemons.

9. Now what you have to do is chop the garlic clove in small pieces and then cut the onion into quarters.

10. This moment is fundamental since you have to throw over the chicken and to its sides all the spices, which includes the garlic, the onion, the cut lemons, and the thyme.

11. The liquid that you prepared now you have to spread it all over the chicken, covering it with that sauce in a homogenous way so that it gives you a delicious taste.

12. For 30 minutes you have to bake and every 10 minutes you can turn the source and water all the juice from the bottom of the source on the chicken, as the end-time approaches do it every 5 minutes.

13. After the 30 minutes passed, what you have to do is raise the temperature to 200ºC (strong oven to give the last touch of cooking).

14. Continue cooking for 15 minutes and when you see the golden skin you have to take it out of the oven.

15. Let it stand for 5 minutes before serving on the plates.

How can you accompany the baked chicken with lemon?

One of the great advantages of this meal is that it can be accompanied with any recipe for roast chicken.

That is why chicken baked with lemon is such a popular meal. It can be served on for a social event or a party.

As it can be fried potatoes, rice, mashed potatoes, cooked potatoes, steamed vegetables, or a salad to accompany this wonderful dish.

Do not forget that white meats can be accompanied by delicious white wine and rich toasted bread with garlic.

Video to learn how to make a chicken baked with lemon(For Reference)

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baked chicken lemon recipes
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baked chicken lemon recipes
With this recipe of baked chicken with lemon. We assure that you can enjoy an excellent dinner or lunch to invite your friends or entertain your family.
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