Do you Like baking? 6 Ingredients You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen


6 Ingredients You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen

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Whether you are a confectioner or just occasional kitchens, your home will not lack flour, eggs, and sugar. However, to be cautious and always ready, you should also have in your pantry these 8 essential ingredients for a homemade dessert of 10.

Homemade pastries can be a healthy option for breakfasts and family snacks, but it is also a nice and creative detail to give to the people of our lives for their birthdays or special celebrations.

For this reason, whether you are an authentic confectioner or just encourage yourself from time to time with a homemade sponge cake or cupcake, we recommend that you always have these usual ingredients on hand in most desserts.

Take note! Flour, eggs, butter, sugar, but also …

1. Vanilla: in essence from Madagascar 

Creme brulee, custards, cakes, cupcakes … Have you noticed that in practically all the desserts recipes that we like most include vanilla? It is an ingredient that should never be missing in your kitchen because it will always give a special flavor even to the simplest and dull dessert. In addition, this way you will avoid loading your sugar candy, nothing beneficial for the health, although we are talking about pastry.

Vanilla Homemade Dessert [photos]

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The vanilla can be found in the supermarket in the form of liquid aroma, in the branch, which provides more flavor, like vanilla sugar and also, for the most exquisite palates, there is the natural aroma of Madagascar Vanilla, with a much more powerful flavor and peculiar.

2. Chocolate: toppings, noodles, pearls …

Another ingredient that always appears in most desserts is chocolate or cocoa. You will rarely find a person who does not like it and if it is a dessert for children, without a doubt, it will be the one that will be the most successful.

Chocolate Homemade Dessert[Photos]

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But if you do not want to risk or think that a dessert full of chocolate is too sweet, opt for the covers for the vanilla cupcakes, the chocolate pearls for your muffins and muffins or for the noodles to decorate any special cake.

You will give much more color and flavor to your creations! An ingredient that should never be missing at home!

3. Nuts

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A less sweet alternative that also brings color, flavor, and texture to desserts are nuts. Almonds crispy, in slices or ground and the grated coconut, for example, will give another more beautiful and professional image to your cakes with creams or chocolates, your homemade truffles, and chocolates or even your cupcakes or pop cakes.

4. Toppings to decorate desserts

The simplest dessert can seem like a true work of edible art with a little color and imagination. For example, a simple vanilla birthday cake can become the most beautiful gift in the world with colorful toppings, some creativity and lots of love.

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In your usual supermarket, you can find very special toppings like hearts and chocolate stars, pearls in different colors, multicolored noodles, marzipan flowers, confectionery pencils, fondant to cover your cakes, wafer daisies, sugar eyes, chocolate numbers, sugar figures for the smallest of the house, shaped like frogs, butterflies … Let your imagination fly!

5. Sugar glass

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If you are looking for a simpler decoration and for every day, always have homemade sugar on hand at home. Give your chef a final touch of your desserts with fruit and chocolate, especially!

6. Gelatin

For those who prefer lighter and fresher desserts or want to dispense with flour in their recipes, cheesecakes and Panna cottas are the best options. Therefore, as they are also desserts that we usually make and like a lot of people, we advise you to always have neutral gelatine in foil or vegetable gelling agent, for vegans. With this ingredient, you will get a more compact and professional dessert, both in the bases and in the toppings with fruits.

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On your next purchase do not forget any! Surely you will use them sooner than you think and will avoid last-minute races at the supermarket.


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