Batch Cooking, The Ideal Method To Save Time In The Kitchen


batch cooking method

If we translate these words, we will see that batch cooking means batch cooking. With this, we have already given you a hint of what this batch cooking method consists of. The truth is that putting us to cook on a large scale for the whole week can be amazing, however, you will realize that it is not as much as it seems.

What is Batch Cooking?

During the week, in general, we barely have time to get into the kitchen and on top, cook healthy. We end up doing something simple, fast and usually unhealthy. The truth is, who does not like to open the fridge and find lunch or dinner ready?

Well, practicing batch cooking is possible. The benefits are multiple, the first because you will start eating healthy and the second, you will have more free time for yourself.

Basic Principles Of Batch Cooking

One of the basic elements is to dedicate one day a week to cooking. Some people get it in half a day. When you do, always prepare a little more, what you will not consume immediately freezes it.

The truth is that, when we barely have time every day, even a simple plate of rice or some vegetables will kill our appetite and provide us with nutrients. These are foods that can be frozen, just like the vast majority. Then you just have to defrost what you are going to eat and, with it, you will save time and eat healthier.

Organize A Healthy Menu For The Whole Week

Make a varied menu, where you can include stews, pasta, vegetable creams, soups, legumes, meat, and fish. Add more ingredients to have a food fund in emergencies (a guest you didn’t have, for example). Having some eggs cooked in the fridge will always be good for you to complement your dishes.

Benefits We Get With This Batch Cooking Plan

In the first place, we will save a lot of time to devote to things that we want more. We already have too many obligations to lock ourselves in the kitchen two hours a day.

We will eat healthier, since the fact of preparing a weekly menu forces us to diversify and eat different foods, so our body will be favored.

If you are following some type of weight loss diet, this option is highly recommended. With it, you will avoid the insane pecking to which you were accustomed in order to kill hunger. On the other hand, you will not waste food and save money.

‘Batch Cooking’ Recipes

Everyone decides how they want to shape their menu and dishes for the week. It is true that you can use certain books where they explain what to do, but we want to give you some ideas to make it easy for you to do batch cooking. Take note!

Pasta Batch Cooking Method

Pasta recipes batch cooking method

To start the day with energy, prepare a good pasta dish. The truth is that it is something very quick to do, however, it is easier to have the pasta already cooked and to take advantage of the time to make a sauce at the moment. Carbonara, Bolognese, pesto … Which one do you prefer? What is clear is that, with this method, you can bet on a healthier diet thanks to your time.

Vegetable Batch Cooking Method

batch cooking method

Have you heard of Neapolitan sauce made from vegetables? Surely if you have a wide variety of chopped vegetables in your fridge or freezer, you can prepare it with your pasta without any problem.

And not only for this will you use it! If you have containers full of these ingredients, you can prepare different salads, stews, sauteed and even gazpacho in the blink of an eye.

We are convinced that if you start doing this, it will be very easy for you to follow the rule that half of your diet is made up of vegetables.

Stew Batch Cooking Method

stew batch cooking method

Thanks to this method, one of the things you can prepare without a doubt are the stews. With meat, turkey, chicken … You decide what to do to make them last longer throughout the week.

That is over from a good stew because you do not have time to prepare it. With the ingredients that you have chopped, make a delicious hot dish to have at any time prepared. You just have to heat your Tupper and … voila!

Quinoa Batch Cooking Method

Quinoa batch cooking method

Another of the foods that are having a lot of fame is quinoa. Its versatility to make different recipes with it makes it a safe value in your batch cooking.

For this reason, cook a few handfuls of quinoa with a little water and salt and have it prepared for any unforeseen event. Try mixing it with sauteed vegetables and you will see how well they combine.

‘Batch Cooking’ Weekly Menu

With the clues we have given you, you will surely be able to prepare an incredible weekly menu. Take out the chef you have inside and create dishes with these basic ingredients.

You will have a good and healthy diet, you just need to plan well. In this way, you will have time for everything, you will even save money by knowing specifically what ingredients you will need to prepare your recipes.

The cooking batch will say goodbye to junk food and those ultra-processed dishes that often were throwing to make your life easier.

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what this batch cooking method
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what this batch cooking method
what this batch cooking method consists of. The truth is that putting us to cook on a large scale for the whole week can be amazing
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