Here’s How Burger Of The Future Looks Like – Videos


See how it will be the burger of the future

burger future

If we stopped bathing for 2 months we would save the amount of water needed to make a burger, about 3000 liters of water.

While a pound of calf needs 2000 liters of water. And if we take into account that the world’s population is approaching 9 billion by 2050, a diet rich in meat and dairy is not sustainable.

The meat of the tube may be the solution in the future to reduce meat consumption,
but at the same time, meat lovers do not understand the difference. How will this happen?

Scientists are considering creating a burger where the burgers will be made exclusively
of plants but will have the same flavor and smell as a regular.

Its ingredients are wheat protein, which gives the characteristic texture of burgers and potato protein, which keeps it juicy during cooking.

It may seem strange to all of us, yet we expect the outcome, as even the UN urges a world food movement without meat and dairy.


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