This Cactus Cake Design Look Absolutely Stunning


This Cactus Cake Design Look Absolutely Stunning

cactus cake design

We have come across one of the latest trends in pastry: cakes in the shape of the cactus. And it seems so cute that we could not stop showing it to you.

Look at the photo to see the stunning creations that bakeries around the world are making with cakes, cakes, and cupcakes that look like a real cactus. Get inspired!

Cakes that look like the cactus design

The idea of this new cake decoration is to play with the visual. As if it were magic, a cactus becomes a delicious morsel of unexpected flavors.

It is the latest trend in pastry, show cakes, cakes and cupcakes decorated as if they were cactus gardens or pots with cactus in a very realistic way, to impress at any party.

Some of the designs look like authentic cactus gardens, where we can see different types of cacti and plants with a very realistic design, with thorns (that do not prick, of course) and earth. Yes, many designs mimic the soil of the pots with chocolate cactus or cookie powder.

They are artistic and very careful elaborations. The decoration of a cake decorated with a cactus garden can last up to 5 hours.

They are inspired by the new wellness trend in which wellness goes through a re-connection with nature, inviting that everything we use, acquire or eat is as natural as possible.

Therefore, we look for a cactus decoration as realistic as possible, but also, it is interesting to use ingredients for the preparation of the cake. The more natural, the better.

You can order a cake in the shape of a cactus for a special celebration such as a rustic wedding, a wedding anniversary or as a birthday present for a person who loves nature.

Cactus cupcakes are easier to decorate, but they are equally impressive. They can work as decorations on multi-story trays on a candy table at a christening or baby shower, or as a special detail at a wedding or special party.

In addition, there is also another more colorful version of the cactus-shaped cakes, designed for children’s parties. Fun versions with a Mexican touch, where green nopales take center stage in colorful decorations.

Here’s Cactus Shape Design Video

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