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How to Make Dalgona Coffee

If you love coffee, the Dalgona coffee drink that is trending at Tik Tok will delight you; Here we tell you how to prepare it.

Surely you have heard or seen about the delicious Dalgona coffee drink which is the sensation on TikTok, the famous application that is at its best and where you can share short and long videos. So here we will tell you how it can be prepared, best of all, it is a drink that you can prepare in seconds.

A very important point is that if you are a coffee lover this drink is for you because the Dalgona coffee drink is made from instant coffee. That’s right, Korean coffee has become the fascination of many people at Tik Tok; This recipe became a trend in social networks because it can be prepared very easily.

Dalgona coffee what is it and how is it prepared

Another aspect that should be noted is that Dalgona coffee is inspired by a famous caramel candy that originates from South Korea, and this is called Dalgona; its great feature is its sponge-like texture and this can be achieved when mixing baking soda, oil, and hot sugar; SVPOnline information.

But calm down, the Dalgona coffee recipe does not need all that since with cold milk, ice, hot water, powdered sugar and instant coffee you will achieve this delicious drink, and of course some utensils for its preparation; so let’s get started.

Ingredients for the Dalgona coffee

A tall glass
A bowl
A mixer or a balloon whisk
Half a cup of milk, the one you like the most
Two tablespoons of hot water
Two tablespoons of granulated sugar
Two tablespoons of instant coffee

Now, since you have everything ready in a bowl, you will put the coffee, water, and sugar and you will mix until you achieve a caramel tone and a nougat texture. Then put the ice and milk in the glass, finally with a spoon put the mixture and ready, it’s time to enjoy.

Dalgona Coffee Making Video Watch

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How to Make Dalgona Coffee[Video] - WomenZilla Tasty
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