Here’s How To Make The Starbucks Avocado Frappuccino Drink


Here’s How To Make The Starbucks Avocado Frappuccino Drink

Make The Starbucks Avocado Frappuccino Drink

One of the fruits that unleash more passions is the avocado that with its color, aroma and flavor has conquered more than one at breakfast time and is that for many a bread filled with this food and a cup of coffee becomes the perfect combination to start the day with energy, but can you imagine mixing both in a drink? Well, we tell you that it exists and it is called avocado frappuccino or blended avocado.

Qualified as creamy and refreshing is a total innovation as it is common to find this product cold with mocha coffee, white chocolate, whipped cream, dark caramel, among other ingredients, but never with avocado.

For the moment, the avocado frappuccino or blended avocado is part of the Starbucks seasonal menu in South Korea. Although it was initially launched in 2015 and left the market, it has returned with a strength to remain the favorite among lovers of iced coffee, PopSugar explains. Its green color attracts a lot of attention and in addition to the whipped cream, it has a kind of chocolate truffle in the middle, as if it were the heart of the fruit.

And the fact is that the rage for avocado in the diet or food of the day is something that has trapped thousands in the world, including the famous sisters Kourtney and Kim Kardashian who adore him. That is why there is a chapter of Keeping Up With Kardashians where they share the avocado pudding recipe.

If your curiosity kills you to know what it tastes like and if it is as delicious as it sounds, we share a simple recipe that you can prepare at home and that will surely come out spectacular. Take note and ready your palate for an innovative flavor.


1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of condensed milk
2 ounces of concentrated coffee
Two cups of crushed ice
2 ripe avocados, without peel or heart


1. Mix milk, condensed milk, coffee and ice in a blender until very soft. Add the silver pulp and mix again until well combined.

2. If you notice that it is very thick you can go put a little water as a thread until it reaches a texture that can be poured.

3. Try to if you think you need more condensed milk because it lacks candy, you can add a little more.

4. Serve in refrigerated glasses so that it does not lose its temperature. You can decorate with a chocolate truffle or grated it. Delicious!


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