How To Make Your Own Delicious Veggie Burger Step By Step[Video]

Learn to create your own vegetable burger recipes with these simple steps.


How To Make Your Own Delicious Veggie Burger Step By Step

Delicious Veggie Burger video

Vegetable burger recipes there are thousands, but nothing better than creating your own recipes to give your personal touch and contribute a little more to have a balanced diet. For this, you just have to follow these little tips that will help you become the best veggie burger chef in your home. Take note!

Here’s nothing like a delicious hamburger, right? but if you’re vegetarian, vegan or just want to take care of the line, it’s clear that a traditional hamburger is not what you’re looking for. That’s why we propose you to create your own veggie burger from a few simple basic steps that will make you find your ideal recipe. Let’s go there.

1. The ingredients

The choice of ingredients when creating a vegetable burger is essential, as they will make your hamburger have the desired consistency and flavor, in addition to determining its nutritional quality. These are the basic ingredients:

Legumes or quality cereals: chickpeas, lentils, beans, quinoa or oatmeal are very nutritious solutions for your vegetable burgers.

Seasonal vegetables: preferably organic and containing little water inside, such as spinach, carrots, broccoli, onions …

Spices and seeds play with spices and seeds to add a different flavor to your veggies burgers.

Flour to batter: it does not have to be wheat flour, there are multiple nutritious and delicious flours in the market.

Egg: if you want to give it an extra touch of protein. If you are vegan you can do without the egg and they will also be delicious.

2. Cook legumes / cereals

This step is fundamental and takes the longest. That is why it is important that you plan it well because you must soak the vegetables one night before cooking them. If you do not have much time, you can cook them in the express pot to make them faster.

Cook them with a drizzle of olive oil and a little salt (you do not have to throw in a lot because then you can salt them.) Once they are cooked, drain them well and reserve to mix with the rest of the ingredients.

Choose one or two legumes or cereals as much for your burger, to balance the flavors well.

3. Vegetables

You do not need to cook the vegetables, although you can also do it if you wish. Choose the vegetables you have in the pantry or buy the ones that seem most appropriate: carrots, onions, mushrooms, seaweed, garlic … there is an incredible variety of vegetables with which to give a special touch to your hamburger.

4. Beat or mix?

You must decide if you want a homogeneous consistency or, on the contrary, you prefer that you can feel the pieces of vegetables and legumes or cereals. In the first case, you can include all the ingredients well drained in the blender or beat with a hand blender.

In the second, the best thing is to finely chop all the vegetables (to your liking) and mix them in a bowl with the vegetables or cereals. Start crushing and mixing to be integrated as a paste. If you’re not vegan, you can add an egg to the mix, which will give you an extra supply of protein and help integrate the ingredients. You can also add a splash of olive oil or another healthy oil.

5. Add your touch of flavor

Add salt and spices and / or seeds to your liking. Pepper, cayenne, cumin, ginger, sesame seeds, chia … You can also use some prepared curry or paprika to give your hamburger a more intense flavor. If you are not an expert in the handling of spices, you see little by little trying how they are, so you do not overdo it and your burgers end up being too spicy.

6. Form hamburgers

Sometimes it is the most complicated step, especially if you have not drained the mixture well and have too much water. It is important that you do not skip the step of draining the dough, you can even do it before seasoning the burgers with spices.

Depending on the chosen ingredients, you may need to wet your hands to form them. You can also make a ball and crush it between two plastic kitchen papers (film paper).

7. Batter

Once you have shaped them, slice them lightly with a flour of your choice. You can choose almond flour, oatmeal, rice, chickpea flour … far more healthy flour than wheat flour.

If your burgers have enough consistency to be grilled without batter, you can skip this step if you prefer.

8. Make the hamburgers

You can make them fried with a little oil or grilled, depending on your taste, although you know that grilled will be much healthier.

By the way, you can also pack the hamburgers in plastic wrap or plastic bags before cooking them and store them in the freezer to keep them handy whenever you want.

See how easy it is? You can make your own veggie burgers yourself. And vegetable burger recipe. Delicious!


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