How To Make One Of The Best Delicious Veggie-Burger ASAP


The Best Delicious Veggie-Burger ASAP

Why did not we think of that?!

The avocado is definitely the richest, healthiest and most nutritious food that could exist.

And although many fear for its high caloric level, various studies have shown that this powerful green fruit, reduces our anxiety, thus preventing us from overeating.

Did you get bored with your diet based on turkey ham,  lettuce? Do you want with all your desire to eat a hamburger?

Before you fall into temptation you should try this vegetarian version (and without bread), which will take away your hunger and help you lose weight.

Keep going down to learn this simple recipe!


Ingredients: (for 2 hamburgers)

-2 avocados (peeled and cut in half)
-4 tablespoons of hummus of beetroot
-2 vegetarian burgers
-1/2 cucumber cut into slices
-1 tomato cut into slices
– goat cheese sheets
-1 handful of kale
-seed sesame seeds to decorate


-On a flat surface, one of the halves of both avocados. Then lay all the toppings on top in a neat manner.
– Cover the hamburger with the remaining avocado halves.
-Salt and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top (this will give you an illusion of bread).


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