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Beautiful Pastry Designs Work

pastry designs

Some confectioners are transforming the world of confectionery. What they do are true geometric works of art, worthy of being in any museum of contemporary art. Some of the designs are abstract and others are more figurative.

Dinara Kasko is a famous pastry chef known for creating amazing geometric designs, but there are also other chefs who make amazing cakes inspired by geometry. Each of these edible works of art show that when it comes to cakes there are endless possibilities for design and decoration.

Dinara Kasko

A post shared by Dinara Kasko (@dinarakasko) on

A post shared by Dinara Kasko (@dinarakasko) on

Dinara Kasko is an architect who became an excellent pastry chef. The designs of his cakes are inspired by architecture and mathematics.

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A post shared by @madinayavorskaya on

Madina is one of the founders of Tortik Anushka, a pastry shop where they make desserts that are aesthetically unique and amazing. His creations have asymmetric designs and are inspired by both art and architecture.

The French pastry chef Cédric Grolet is one of the most recognized in the world. Inspired by the cube Rubik has made amazing gastronomic creations. Each Rubik cake is made up of 27 individual cakes that vary in color, decoration and even flavor.

Kalabasa is a Russian bakery that creates cakes inspired by the abstract strokes of a brush. The “brush strokes” are made according to a specific color scheme. Each creation is unique.

Jasmine is inspired by art to make her desserts. Their cakes have unique details that include flowers with rice paper.

The cakes of these chefs are a true work of art: before having the opportunity to savor them, they are already contemplated by the eye.


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