Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentines Day – ThermoMix Recipes


Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentines Day – ThermoMix Recipes

Some occasions like Valentine’s Day we want to surprise our partner with a romantic dinner made by ourselves. However, we do not always have the time or know as much about cooking as to prepare dishes worthy of a special dinner.

In these cases, the Thermomix is a great ally that can save our night. We offer you a romantic menu with an exotic and aphrodisiac touch to do with the Thermomix. Point!

Starter: Prawns With Lime And Avocado Purée

Start with an appetizer with an aphrodisiac touch to awaken your partner’s senses. Shellfish is one of the best known aphrodisiac foods. Along with scents and flavors such as cilantro, basil, chili, and lime, you will stimulate your palate with an entree ready to offer a most stimulating evening.

Romantic Dinner Ideas Valentines Day ThermoMix Recipes


  • Prawns with lime.
  • Prawns (those that you want, remember that it is only an entree to open the appetizer).
  • 1 garlic clove.
  • 30 g sliced lime (and some more to decorate).
  • 10 g of fresh coriander (leaves only).
  • 10 leaves of basil.
  • 1 tablespoon of sesame oil.
  • 1 tablespoon of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).
  • Avocado Puree.
  • 2 avocados.
  • 1 Thai chili cut into pieces and without seeds.
  • 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes.
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped onion.
  • 1/2 tablespoon fresh coriander.
  • 1/2 tablespoon of basil leaves.
  • The juice of a lime.
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine salt.


1. To prepare the prawns with lime, clean and peel them leaving the tail and reserve. Grind the garlic, lime, cilantro, and basil in the turbo glass (0.5 sec. For three times).

Marinade the prawns with this preparation and add the sesame oil for one hour in the fridge.

2.  Meanwhile, prepare the avocado puree, pouring the pulp of the avocado, the cherry tomatoes, the onion, the chili pepper, the herbs and the lime juice and the salt into the Thermomix glass. Shred 5 seconds at speed 4.

Once you have the avocado puree, reserve in the fridge, with the avocado seed so it does not rust.

3.  Just before serving you just have to sauté the marinated prawns for 3 or 4 minutes in a wok or pan until golden brown. Serve over a layer of avocado puree.

Main Dish: Sizzling Pork Sirloin Tacos With Mustard

Romantic Dinner Ideas Valentines Day ThermoMix Recipes
 Since the Middle Ages, the aphrodisiac properties of mustard have been known, traditionally used as a remedy against impotence. This recipe will not only help you to satisfy your palate pleasantly thanks to the unexpected mix of flavors, but it will also enliven your passion.


  • 700-800 gr. of pork sirloin cut into tacos (2 sirloins)
  • 80 gr. of chives cut into pieces
  • 60 gr. of EVOO
  • 10 gr. of cornstarch
  • 50 gr. of white wine
  • 100 gr. of beef broth
  • 30 gr. of old mustard
  • salt and ground pepper


1. Cut the onion and 50 gr into the glass of the Thermomix. of EVOO (reserve a spoonful to saute the sirloin afterward). It cuts for 6 seconds at speed 4 and, then, programs 10 minutes, varoma temperature and speed 1.

2. Add the cornstarch, white wine, and broth and program 10 more minutes, varoma temperature and speed 2.

3. Add the mustard and mash for 1 minute, at a progressive speed of 5-7-10. Reserve the sauce inside the glass.

4. Season the tenderloins and brown them in a pan with a tablespoon of EVOO until the meat is browned but undercooked. Add the sauce you made in the Thermomix and let it heat over medium-low heat until it starts to boil. You already have a delicious dish ready for your romantic dinner.

Chocolate And Olive Oil Mousse And Pineapple Carpaccio Recipe 

Romantic Dinner Ideas Valentines Day ThermoMix Recipes

It sounds delicious and very exotic, right? Chocolate is one of the most recognized aphrodisiacs, and the pineapple carpaccio will help to awaken the passion thanks to its tropical flavor. Also, it will only take 15 minutes to do it.


  • 250 gr. pastry chocolate
  • 2 sheets of gelatin
  • 250 gr. of cream to assemble
  • 70 gr. of oil of EVOO
  • 3 eggs
  • 30 gr. of Cointreau
  • 90 gr. of sugar
  • 1/2 pineapple frees cut into very thin slices
  • 18-20 gr. of toasted ciabatta bread
  • Ground black pepper and Maldon salt


1. To prepare this delicious romantic dessert, start by hydrating the gelatine leaves in a bowl of cold water.

2. Place the chocolate in the glass of the Thermomix and crush it for 10 seconds at a progressive speed of 5 to 10. Add the cream to assemble and program 3 minutes at 9ºC, speed 4.

3. Next, add the liquor and gelatin drained and mix for 15 seconds at speed 3. Reserve in a bowl in the fridge.

4. Wash the glass well and dry it properly. Add the blade butterfly, to beat the eggs and sugar for 4 minutes at speed 4 and 37ºC. Then program another 4 minutes at speed 4 without temperature.

5. Pour the mixture into the reserved bowl and mix with soft and enveloping movements until everything is well integrated. You must reserve in the refrigerator at least 4 hours so that the mousse has the desired texture.

6. To serve, place some pineapple slices on the plate. On the same, mounted a toast, a spoonful of mousse and another toast. You can make two layers so that the dish has more volume and is much more palatable.

7. To finish, water the dish with a thin thread of olive oil and sprinkle Maldon salt and a little pepper.

8. The salty and sweet contrast of this dessert will favor the senses of your partner without the dish becoming cloying. Enjoy a romantic dinner!


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