This Woman Baked A Life-Sized Cake Of Royal Wedding Couples – video


This Woman Baked A Life-Sized Cake Of Royal Wedding Couples It’s Look Awesome

royal wedding couples life size cake

Lara Mason, 32, of Brownhills, West Midlands, created Life-size cake of royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is really sweet, literally: it is made with a lot of sugar.

Mason, a customer service employee based in the United Kingdom, she has taken the art of cake as a hobby. She has been making creative cakes for about six years, and his latest project is a life-size cake of Harry and Markle in their engagement announcement sets.

Mason Make Life-Size Cake Of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Video

Mason told HuffPost that the project took “a lot of time and effort”. About 250 hours in the last six weeks in the mini-studio at home, to be more specific.

The confection she created is made of 300 eggs and approximately 33 pounds of flour, butter, and sugar. Mason said she used about 22 for 44 pounds of buttercream to attach the cake layers and about 110 pounds of glaze for other characteristics.

royal wedding couples life size cake

The most difficult part of the project turned out to be the most fun, according to the cake artist.

“I think the hardest part was the faces, but it was also very nice because that’s where you really have the chance to be super creative at the end of the day,” Mason said. HuffPost.

royal wedding couples life size cake

Mason said Cake International, a cake decorating show at the National Center Exhibition in Birmingham, UK, asked him to make the cake as a featured masterpiece that highlights the art of baking and celebrates the royal wedding.

She explained that the cake should not be eaten, it is supposed to be more of an “inspirational feature of Cake International”, but the big dessert could serve about 500 people.

A video on Mason’s Facebook page dedicated to her pastel art shows. How she made the replicas of Harry and Markle. She shared the images on Friday and has already accumulated more than 80,000 visits.

The life-size cake also began to attract attention on the Facebook page of The Motherload before BBC, USA Today and People picked up the project.

As The Motherload pointed out. Mason is a baker and the mother behind life-size cakes. She created for her first birthday.

When asked what she will do during Saturday’s royal wedding. Mason said the event corresponds to the birthday of a family member. She enjoys the televised version on a big screen with friends and family.

royal wedding couples life size cake

As for her thoughts on the wedding cake of Harry and Markle (lemon and elder cake with buttercream). Mason said it was an unexpected choice. She chose what they really wanted for their big day.

I think it’s really nice, “she said. Your wedding, your call. “


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