Do Summer Right With This Strawberry Curd Cake With Cheesecake


Curd Cake With Strawberry: Little Cheesecake Without Baking

strawberry curd cheesecake

Sometimes you really want to eat a piece of delicious dessert, but at the same time, large chocolate and cream cakes do not attract, especially in the summer. There is a way out – prepare a cottage cheesecake with strawberries according to a recipe that does not require baking. A cold strawberry cheesecake is tempting, is not it?


  1. 250 g strawberries
  2. 500 g curds
  3. 400 ml cream 30%
  4. 300 grams of shortbread cookies
  5. 100 grams of butter
  6. 200 grams of sugar
  7. 25 grams of gelatin
  8. 100 g of strawberry jelly
  9. 1 teaspoon vanillin
  10.  1 lemon.


1. In advance, grind the cookies – manually or in a food processor. Then mix it with slightly melted butter. Put the cookies and butter in a cake mold, thus making a base for the dessert, and put in the refrigerator for an hour,

2. In a separate container, pour gelatin about 50 milliliters of water and allow it to cool.

3. Grind the cottage cheese with a blender until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Add sugar, cream and stir again. Pour into the curd mass of gelatin, add the juice of one lemon and vanillin, then whip well.

4. Pour the curd mass onto the base of the biscuit and put the billet in the refrigerator for 40-60 minutes.

5. Wash strawberries, cut into slices. When the cottage cheese stays in the refrigerator for an hour, get it, decorate it with strawberries and pour strawberry jelly (the latter at will). Put the strawberry cake in the fridge for 1-2 hours.


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