The Easiest Way To Make Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe In A Sec – Video


The Easiest Way To Make Strawberry Ice Cream In A Sec

strawberry ice cream recipe

This strawberry ice cream recipe made at the moment is the easiest you’ve ever seen. It is prepared with only 2 ingredients, and you have ready in seconds a creamy and natural homemade ice cream.

As you can see, we only need some fresh strawberries and a fatty element that in our case has been a creamy Greek yogurt. If you prefer you can substitute yogurt for cream cheese.

This ice cream prepared with other flavors. You just have to use other kinds of frozen fruit: pineapple, raspberries, mango … in the same proportions.

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INGREDIENTS for 750 g of Strawberry Ice Cream 

500 g of fresh strawberries
250 g of sugary Greek yogurt

Preparation of strawberry ice cream Made At The Sec

1. The first thing we have to do is clean the strawberries well by eliminating the tails and washing them well under the tap. Once clean, put them in a bowl or airtight container and take them to the freezer to freeze completely. Several hours are necessary.

2. The best thing is to always have strawberries frozen in summer to improvise the ice cream whenever you feel like it. Here you can see our tips to freeze the fruit.

3. We put the two ingredients, strawberries and yogurt, in a deep bowl or in the glass of a blender. Grind to taste, as you like a more or less thick texture. Ideally, there should be some whole pieces of fruit to make it more natural. Do not pass by beating, because you can get too liquid and lose the icy spot. As soon as you see that it is hailstorm and creamy, you can stop.

4. If when you taste it you see that it lacks some sweetness, you can add any liquid sweetener. If you put sugar, that is sugar glass, so that it is well integrated. You can also give it sweetness with a spoonful of condensed milk.

5. Now you can put it in a bowl, fountain or tub and ready to serve. You have to keep in mind that the ice cream must be served at the moment. If it is stored in the freezer it hardens a lot. To keep the envelope, you can do it in a tub covered in the freezer, but you have to take a while before consuming it to recover the creaminess.

6. Anyway, the perfect point of this ice cream is when it is freshly made.


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