This Woman Makes Chocolate Truffles With Her Placenta You’ll Ever See


This Woman Makes Chocolate Truffles With Her Placenta You’ll Ever See

placenta Chocolate Truffles

If you thought you had seen everything, get ready for this. An American woman has detailed how she prepared chocolates and chocolate truffles from her placenta, which she kept after giving birth a week ago.

Through Snapchat, Kiley Whitworth showed step by step how to prepare heart-shaped chocolates from her placenta. A recipe that has become viral, for better and for worse.

An American mother told Snapchat how she prepared chocolates and chocolate truffles with her own placenta, a part of the body that is used to treat cancer problems.

This placenta kept her when she gave birth to her son last week. In this way, Kiley Whitworth showed the organ, which if you realize it has the shape of a jellyfish.

placenta Chocolate Truffles

As if she were a great chef, she shared step by step to prepare heart-shaped chocolate treats.

When she returned home from the delivery of her son Samuel, Kiley steamed the placenta, then cut it into pieces and, finally, dehydrated it along with the umbilical cord and the amniotic sac.

A recipe worthy of Ferrán Adriá himself, but we doubt very much that it is in the menu of the best restaurants in the world.

placenta Chocolate Truffles

After 16 hours, the placenta became powdered, which he used as a base for the desserts. The young mother assured her followers that the taste of the placenta is undetectable and that there is nothing wrong with eating it. She herself. Would you do it?

placenta Chocolate Truffles

placenta Chocolate Truffles

Social networks: For and against

As is logical, its publication raised voices against and in favor. Some users accused her of practicing cannibalism, while others supported her idea of preparing the original chocolates from her placenta.

What is clear is that if you go to the house of Kiley and offers you chocolates, you will see if you accept them or not.

On the Internet, you can see tutorials of all kinds. There are artists who teach you how to make photos from your vagina, or how a mother puts a pierced cheek on her baby, but this case we think surpasses everyone seen so far.

Would you eat your placenta after childbirth?

More and more mothers are choosing to take the placenta home and consume it for its health benefits. The practice is called placentophagy and there are several recipes on the Internet to prepare it and make it more palatable.

In response to this trend, there are now more than 30 companies in the United States that are dedicated to preparing the placenta for consumption.

Some encapsulate it so that it can be taken as a supplement every day, but they are also prepared in meals, such as lasagna and soup, according to a BBC Mundo report.

According to its proponents, ingesting the placenta helps prevent and treat postpartum depression, stimulate milk production and increase energy levels.

“The vast majority of mothers (according to some estimates, up to 80 percent) will suffer from some type of mood disorder after childbirth. When a mother suffers, it affects the whole family.

PBI believes that placentophagy can help these mothers recover from birth and possibly avoid postpartum depression, “says the website Placenta (PBI).

There is not yet enough scientific evidence to prove or disprove the health benefits of eating the placenta, but the PBI site includes some studies, as well as information and resources.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, the anecdotes of other women, the long tradition of placentophagy in some cultures (such as traditional Chinese medicine), and the fact that most mammals practice it, are enough for many mothers (until some famous ) decide to try it.


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