18 Cute Nail Art Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Cute Nail Art Hacks Every Girl Should Know

cute nail art

The tricks are great for everyone, it exists for everything in life, they help us to solve unforeseen events in the best way possible and Nail art is no exception.

It is always good to go to a salon for a luxury manicure. But if you are tuned to a DIY mind, the Internet is the place to go for the best nail tips.

From the new uses for common household items to the ready hacks to create fresh art in the Nail art, there is an endless amount of ideas.

In addition, there are a lot of short video tutorials that will guide you through each step, and here one of them from the best nail specialist.

18 great tips for nails you should know

Are you ready to be the biggest Nail artists ?, Well here we go with those tips on great ideas to save us from each situation. 18 of the best nail hacks you can find. Watch the video and read each of them, you will not regret it.

How many times are we out of the house and should we get a manicure? Do not worry! Just apply a little bit of cuticle oil around your nails and then carefully press down with your fingers, it works great.

The materials run out and sometimes we do not realize it. Without a base coat and want to be creative? You can only use the top coat as your base layer. It works very well for most of the cases and you will leave perfect without problems, it does the job of protecting you, in the same way, do not worry.

Every day the glazes go up in price, but there are always alternatives. Tired of spending a lot of money on nail polishes? There is an online store called Hollar, where you will find many nail polishes for half the sale price. You should take a look, you will want to fill the cart completely I tell you from experience.

The colors of the glazes can vary in how they look on the bottle and the actual look, however. Do you have round labels that you do not use? Just apply a little glaze on them to see how they look in real life. You can paste them into your Polish bottle, like a small preview.

Bored of the same colors always because the enamels are also perfectly mixable. You can mix some of them to get their completely unique color.

Without many glazes, but this trick is super great. You can use eyeshadow and mix them on a white base. You can create a really unique shadow, it works wonders, do the test.

Pata enamels that require many layers there is nothing better to try using a solid base of white, only one or two hands will suffice for a very defined look.

Frenchies are always a little difficult but if you notice that something is out of your site just a little bit of polish remover will suffice to correct it.

It is also possible to apply a shine to disguise the imperfections of French girls in a hurry, you will not believe how it looks.

Do not have a pointer? Well do not worry, you can use many different household items like dotting tools, pencils, pens to chopsticks, the result is perfect.

To eliminate the excesses of enamels quickly, it is simple, do not complicate. Just use a small brush to do the work.

It is super easy to obtain a more professional appearance simply by applying a little more enamel, on the edge of the tip you will not believe the results

Do not have nail tape for your manicures? Regular tape painted with nail polish will do it quickly and without cost.

Do you want to fix a big stain? Just use a pointer to soak it in the nail polish remover and gently push the error back into place, then reapply the polish of choice.

You can paint virtually any design you want in a plastic bag and make your own decal. Apply your design, then a little top coat put it on your nail and go.

This is not about Nail art but it is so useful that it could not be left out, it is possible to remove a stain from your shoe using enamel remover! It’s super easy.

If you like 3D nail decoration, you can use pencils or crayons to push and place the rhinestones on the nails, you do not need the tweezers, and work exactly the same.

For beautiful young hands and hydrated appearance. apply a moisturizing lotion and rub on your hands, then put on some plastic gloves. Leave them for a while before removing them.

Did any of these tricks help you? I hope that if it is so easy and it is good to know them, you should never when you are going to need them. Tell me which one you liked the most in the comment box.

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