Dobby the Elf Was Captured in Home Security Camera – Viral Video


The viral video that captured in Colorado a strange creature identical to Dobby, the elf of Harry Potter

The images were recorded on Saturday at about 10:00 p.m. by security cameras at Vivian Gomez’s home in Colorado (Video: Facebook @VivianGomez)

On Saturday at 10:00 p.m. Vivian Gómez saw a shadow pass in front of the main door of his home in Colorado. The presence disturbed her, so on Sunday morning, she decided to record the recording of the cameras. What caught his surveillance system left the social network shocked, aroused all kinds of debates and in just over 24 hours and went around the world.

When Vivian projected the recording, she watched a strange creature on the screen. With big pointed ears, of short stature and extremely thin, that being seemed an extraterrestrial.

“I woke up on Sunday morning and I saw this in my camera, and I’m trying to figure out what the hell I first saw the shadow walking from my front door. So I saw that thing … Did anyone else see this in their cameras? two cameras did not capture it for some reason, “Vivian intrigued in her Facebook account.

viral video dobby the elf
Many users shared reasonable explanations in their comments. But others thought it might be an alien and pointed out its similarity to Dobby, the elf of Harry Potter (Photo: screenshot video Facebook Vivian Gómez / Warner Bros).

Since sharing the video on the social network. The images accumulated more than 5,000,000 views, were shared 124,000 times and generated more than 36,000 reactions. Through their comments, users tried to give all kinds of explanation to the images.

“It’s probably some kid walking around with flip flops and shorts on his head,” Sarah Joss wrote.

“Maybe some sleepwalking child? ” Bill Haarmann proposed.

“I know a neighborhood boy that fits in with this guy, it seems like he was dancing,” added Rochelle Groff.

“The aliens have already landed,” wrote George Meddles.

“I think it could really be a child. I would be more concerned that it was a little child in danger than a ghost. The time it was recorded seems too late for any child to go outside.” The attitude is really strange too. Send it to the police, “suggested Crystal Cuckow.

“He looks like an alien,” said Patti Scuder.

Some people accused Vivian of editing the video. But she assured that the images had not been altered (Photo: screenshot video Facebook Vivien Gomez)

viral video dobby the elf

At the same time, many users pointed out the similarity of the creature with Dobby. The domestic-elf of the Harry Potter films, attaching photographs of the character in the comments.

“Dobby is a free elf,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“Why does it look like Dobby had just left the bar at 03:00?” Said another.

“Just because Dobby died in the film does not mean that Dobby the actor is dead in real life. Some people do not understand how movies are made clear,” replied another user.

There were also people who criticized Vivian Gómez and accused her of having edited the video. She, however, flatly denied having retouched the images and said she did not have any knowledge to do so.

“How could I pretend that? I do not have that technological level, unfortunately […] If someone sends the video to an expert, they can confirm that it is not altered,” he said.


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viral video dobby the elf
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viral video dobby the elf
The viral video that captured in Colorado a strange creature identical to Dobby, the elf of Harry Potter. The images were recorded on Saturday at about 10:00 p.m. by security cameras at Vivian Gomez's home in Colorado (Video: Facebook @VivianGomez)
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