Melania Trump Pee on Face Reaction After Shaking Vladimir Putin’s Hand


Melania Trump Pee on Face Reaction After Shaking Vladimir Putin’s Hand

Melania trump face reaction

Melania’s look at Putin left us frozen, scared us, and we can not get it out of our minds. The only sure thing, however, is that you do not want to look at anyone as the First Lady looked at the Russian President!

Melania trump face reaction look someone peed on face at Putin was so terrible that she could not go unnoticed … She played everywhere, became viral and scared the world.

Horror, fear, disgust? What was Melania’s mind about? No one knows and no one will ever learn. But rather the First Lady did not enjoy much when she met the Russian President.

They made a warm handshake, gave her a cold smile, and then her real face came out … The terror on her face was obvious and the cameras were there to capture the moment. What if Melania thought no one would see it? The next day it became viral …

A short video posted on Twitter shows you exactly what we described above.

What was Melania thinking about? Fear or disgust? Others spoke of devil’s eyes and others gave her a shiver. And it makes sense. Melania’s look at Putin will be remembered for a long time and will scare us the night we go to sleep.

Did she hide a knife behind her back? Okay, we stop the speculations here and leave the First Lady in the silence (so we do not have any interlude)!


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