She is Mochi the dog with the longest tongue in the world

At first glance, Mochi looks like a normal San Bernardo. According to its owners, it likes the disguises, the photos with the people and spends time with his family. But Mochi is not like other dogs. They have a record, but you will not know what it is until you open your mouth and see their tongue, which is the longest in the world.

Guinness announced this week that Mochi, who is eight years old and lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is the dog with the longest tongue in the world today. The tongue of the animal has a length of 18.58 centimeters. Mochi surpassed the record of a Pekingese named Puggy, whose tongue measures 11.43 centimeters.

The bitch was adopted by Carla and Craig Rickert from an animal shelter when she was two years old. Carla Rickert said they wanted to use Mochi’s recognition to highlight how much joy the rescued dogs can bring to a home.

“Mochi is strong, funny and affectionate. She is always grateful to us, her family forever, and she is very loyal, “says Carla Rickert. “This dog, who was abused and neglected, has taught us that there is nothing wrong with being different. We are proud of its original feature “.


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