This Model Look Like Jessica Rabbit

Pixee Fox is a 25-year-old English model who has risen to fame for spending nearly $ 120,000 on 15 aesthetic operations with which her nose, eyes, gluteal breasts were touched up and, most surprisingly, six ribs were removed to reduce her waist to 35 centimeters. Why? Because this girl had only one dream: to resemble Jessica Rabbit, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Holli Would, of Cool World.
This (pretty) girl lived on a farm, was an electrician and had a normal life in Sweden. Place left to move to North Carolina in order to fulfill his dream of transforming into a “living cartoon”.

For her, the bodies of these caricatures “are the idealization of the female body.
Already set up in North Carolina, determined not to go unnoticed for another minute, Pixee spent about $ 120,000 on about fifteen surgical procedures to resemble the animated characters Jessica Rabbit, Aurora and Holli Would.


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