This Mom Made Their Own Video  Responded To Her Partner Say’s “Doing Nothing” At Home


Every woman faces this problem all around the world.


Gemma Chalmers 35-year-old stay at home mom. Every day she was hearing a complaint from her partner “doing nothing at home”

She proved to her partner though is wrong.

Chalmers recorded 8 minutes video of her 12 hours the day of her daily routine life.


She also works a part-time job as a nail technician. She posted this video on Facebook and message to many parents.

“All weekend my lovely partner has been moaning that I do nothing all day, so I thought I’d show him a full day… I actually find having a day of work is more like a day off

“So Mr. Jones, no more saying ‘enjoy your day off’ or [asking] ‘what have you done all day?’ because the answer is… I’ve been a mummy all day,”

she wrote.

“[I’m] also a cleaner, a driver, a cook, a storyteller, a nurse, a playmate, a toddler wrestling coach, a teacher, an art director, a potty trainer, a champion tickler, a wardrobe stylist, a personal dresser, a laundry operator, a personal shopper and much more.”

This video view by many viewers and received lot of comment and likes on Facebook.

“Brilliant! I’m more exhausted on my ‘day off’ than I am when I’m at work!”

one woman commented.

“Bloody men!”  “They are all the same. Good for you making this film to show him how much work goes into being a mum.”

another mom commented on Facebook.

“My partner has started his own business and works a lot and doesn’t really think I do much,”

Chalmers told The Mirror.

 “I just thought: ‘I’m going to prove him wrong.’”




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