UN Women Fights Gender Stereotypes With Emotional Video


Few will forget the emotional speech that the British actress Emma Watson gave in 2014 from the headquarters of the United Nations. “I appeal to men to join in promoting gender equality,” asked the young woman who played the character of Hermione in the Harry Potter saga and who, at 24 years old, became an ambassador of the Good Will of the ONU.

Gender Stereotypes

With those words was born ‘HeForShe’, an initiative that seeks to involve men in the struggle for gender equity. People from all over the world – including celebrities and celebrities in various fields – joined the campaign that went viral in the blink of an eye. But, so that the project does not fall into oblivion, UN Women continues to create movements that invite reflection. The last? A video in which it is remembered that gender discrimination can be avoided from the beginning.

As a child, you expect me to be your little princess. As a child, you expect him to be your hero, “says a voice as a newborn sees his hat change from pink to blue. In the same way, the video presents a list of stereotypes that dominate our days regarding genres. That girl should play with dolls and boys play sports, or that crying makes people believe that it is because of hormones or in the case of men who are weak, are just some examples.

This new HeForShe campaign aims to raise awareness of small acts, ideas or decisions that lead to normalizing gender inequality. Under the title “if gender stereotypes start with us, they can end with us”, the video gathers what many activists and feminists have dedicated over the last few years to proclaim from the rooftops: that the related social norms must be questioned with the distinction of sexes.

“We spend too much time telling girls that they cannot be angry or aggressive or harsh, but then we turn around and dedicate ourselves to praising or justifying men for the same reasons,” explained Nigerian activist and feminist Chimamanda Ngozi. in his book, We Should All Be Feminists. In the same way, the author who has become one of the feminist icons par excellence of our days encouraged men and women to “question social norms and, above all, the language we use with our children”.


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