[VIDEO] ‘So dramatic!’: Weatherman Struggle Comedy In Hurricane Florence


[VIDEO] Outrage By A Weatherman Pretending To Fight The Hurricane Florence

Weatherman hurricane florence video

Weatherman hurricane Florence comedy video: The United States remains on alert. Due to the arrival of Hurricane Florence to the east coast. Affecting the area of North Carolina and South Carolina.

The authorities forced the inhabitants of the coastal cities to leave their homes and take care of the floods that will cause the constant rains and winds of the phenomenon, which has already left at least five dead.

Because of this, several channels sent special equipment to cover what could be a serious natural disaster, such as Weather Channel, the United States weather channel.

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During one of the dispatches from the zone of the catastrophe, one of its weathermen appeared with his suit against the rain, fighting the intense wind that rages in the place.

However, the scene went from seriousness to laughter – and also outrage – when two inhabitants of the place passed behind the weatherman, walking as if nothing in a street covered in water, denying the “voracious” wind there was.




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