This Women Product Campaign Full Of Jokes About Vagina – Video


A brand of products for women created a campaign full of jokes about vagina

women jokes vagina

The company uses the social taboo that persists around the female genitals to make its campaign more memorable for viewers.

The campaign was originally published at the beginning of last June and has received mostly positive reactions.

According to the Huffington Post, issues like couples living together without getting married were considered taboo.

Taboo part of the word tabu, used by Polynesian civilizations to designate the forbidden.

All brands and companies have used, in one way or another, humor for a campaign.

Burger King often bets on a confrontational tone, especially against his rival McDonald’s, for some of his most-awarded projects.

Apple, meanwhile, used the sitcom-style for a successful campaign last April. Other recurring themes in this type of initiatives are video games, working life, friendship, and male genitalia.

But there is a topic that few brands dare to explore comically: the female genitals. One company that succeeded is Queen V, a women’s products company.

In a campaign launched a few weeks ago, properly called That’s What V Said, the business filled a commercial with women jokes, jokes and double meaning about the vagina. Its objective is, explicitly, to reduce social censorship around the use of this word.

A campaign about the women jokes vagina

Several brands and organizations have exposed the gender inequality that continues in advertising and other social and industrial aspects.

Melinda Gates used several comedians in a campaign to talk about the gap between men and women.

Dame Products, a sex toy company, also criticized Facebook. Also other agents for their random policies about which commercials are offensive or not.

The presence of taboos is the advertising industry is nothing new. Some agents believe that the key to overcoming these barriers is to apply strategies to “counteract” the rejection of the public, hiding somewhat the prohibited meaning.

Sail Magazine, meanwhile, points out that precisely humor can be the solution for a campaign. Reuben Rink points out that it is an eternal industry trend to challenge the limits of the acceptable.

This campaign to promote female genital health and care items is smart just for these reasons. Its language and narrative structure do not fall into the rude or obscene.  On the contrary, it is a remarkably “clean” initiative, considering that it speaks of a sexual organ.

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