Weekly Horoscope From January 7 To 13, 2019


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What do the stars bring you for this Weekly horoscope From January 7 To 13, 2019? Consult the 12 signs of the zodiac in our horoscope of the week. You will know what awaits you in money, love, luck, and work. As well as other important predictions for you …

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Weekly Horoscope Aries

You will spend a week with surface feelings, everything that your partner says will affect you greatly. Try to face your insecurities and prepare to suffer some disappointment.

If you are single, you will need shoulders to cry. At work, there will be changes midweek. Think positive to deal with the workload that comes to you.

You will stay with your friends and meet new people but do not trust everyone. With your parents, you will have a discussion about economic issues.

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Weekly Horoscope Taurus

After recently breaking up with your partner, someone will see love with different eyes. Let yourself go, with Venus in your sign you have all the chance to win.

At work, you don’t have difficulty in the office. You have many good things to contribute to the team to give him the opportunity to earn.

Do not go out so much at night or you will suffer illness or injury. Take advantage of discounts to renew your wardrobe.

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Weekly Horoscope Gemini

Towards Wednesday you will star in a scene of senseless jealousy that will make you consider the separation. Take some time if you think that is what you need.

If you have been in the same job for many years and you are tired of what you do. Everything will improve towards the end of the week. When they will offer you a major change within the company.

You will have to make a decision that will not cost you much … Beware of heavy digestions, try to eat more at home and less out there.

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Weekly Horoscope Cancer

A very special person will come to your life. You have not fallen in love for a long time and suddenly you will feel very intense and passionate feelings. Do not suppress yourself and enjoy it to the fullest.

At work, everything will be fine this week. The problems of 2018 will be behind and even offer you a position of more responsibility. You will achieve what you propose in the blink of an eye. Your family is proud of you.

They will invite you to a wedding. You will accept the proposal because you know you will have a great time.

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Weekly Horoscope Leo

Talk to your partner and tell him the changes you want so much; I’m sure he’s willing to move out of town and leave with you at the end of the world. You deserve that adventure.

If you’re single, you’ll meet your other half. Even though you’re not sharing your privacy and maybe you’re going to mess up. Quiet.

At work, no problems but in the middle of the week. You could live a very stressful episode. This is not the time to start a business.

You wait for the arrival of spring with open arms but the harsh winter has just arrived. Assume it and do not stop making plans.

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Weekly Horoscope Virgo

In love, you usually suppress and you do not like to show your feelings. However this week you will be the most open and that will please your partner very much. You will make plans together and you will be happier than ever.

If you are single, you will meet a person who will make you lose your head. Beware that everything that glitters is not gold. Changes in the work that will go hand in hand, the new direction your life will take will excite you.

You must pay special attention to your diet.  Sports will help you recharge your batteries, get going.

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Weekly Horoscope Libra

Break with the routine will be beneficial for your partner, travel, go out, enter and do not join schedules. Take the opportunity to catch those days off that have been left for 2018 and escape, the farther better.

If you do not have a partner. Towards the weekend you will not stop for a single moment and on a trip. You will meet that special person. Make a break at work and do not rush when making important decisions.

You have started the year with a lot of stress. Sleep the hours you need and you will feel much stronger.

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Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

You will start the year a little bit depressed and the stars will not favor you. Try to leave jealousy aside and enjoy the good things that life gives you.

If you put on your part towards the weekend everything related to your relationship will return to normal. You should put some order in the house and organize priorities.

Do not miss spending time with your family, especially with the little ones in the house; after the holidays you will be missed very much. Your weak point will be your kidneys, avoid cold and currents.

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Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius

If you are single. You can find love near where you live. Maybe it is a neighbor or friend who has just ended their relationship. You will give their support and you will run into something else.

At work, you will successfully overcome all the challenges that your boss will put you safely and decisively. If you have a temporary contract, this week will become something stable and more definitive.

The purpose for 2019: walk more. Start to fulfill it and your legs and your circulation will thank you.

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Weekly Horoscope Capricorn

At the beginning of the week, you will look for the affection from your partner. However, you will find that that person is cold and distant with you. You will look for love in the arms of your friends.

If you are single. You will not stop for a moment and you will enjoy like never before those adventures of a single day. It will have so much fun.

Week of many meetings at work, you will feel bored and eager to leave early to enjoy your leisure time.

If you are studying an opposition, continue like this and you will achieve your goal. Beware of a badly healed cold, recovery will be slow and you could spend the weekend in bed.

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Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

Trust more in your partner and avoid those scenes of jealousy in front of your relatives. Be careful because your relationship is in danger.

Your work bores you more and more and you might think of a business that could give you many benefits. Go ahead, you have a lot to gain and little to lose.

Health something delicate, you are prone to stomach problems and gastroenteritis. This week you will not get rid of that happy virus.

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Weekly Horoscope Pisces

Jupiter will provide you with the emotional stability you need so much. Talk to your partner and organize a life together, it will be a success. They will have a week full of work and stress.

You will miss the tranquility of Christmas and you will feel somewhat overwhelmed. Take the weekend to disconnect. Pay attention to your diet. The weekend may be the best time to go on a diet. Cheer up!

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Weekly Horoscope From January 7 To 13, 2019
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