Leo Horoscope 2019. Leo Annual Horoscope



Leo horoscope 2019

The new year promises changes and great advances in the professional and financial sector. The New Year will bring positive events to emotional issues. Leo horoscope 2019, learn what this new year will bring you.

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Read Your Free Love Horoscope 2019

Leo Horoscope 2019 In Love

Your love life will undergo changes and that will be due to your change of attitude with your partner or relationships and the way you feel love. As of March 7, your enormous charisma, your attractiveness, your degree of empathy, will make you irresistible, for anyone of the opposite sex.

If you have a partner, love and romanticism will become a priority.

If you are single, you will seduce whoever you want and you will find a partner. But the important thing is not this, but that you will change the way you see the love and you will look for long, serious and romantic relationships.

How To Seduce A Leo Man And Woman

You are attracted to people with power and money. People, who can give you something and who are nothing conventional. You could start a relationship with your boss or someone related to your work. Even love revolves around your work.

Your way of living sex, changed last year and this year will continue on the same line. You turn the sexual act into a spiritual act, that is, into something more serious and profound.

Leo horoscope 2019 In Social Life

Your social life and fun will become your escape valve. Social life, friends, trips, outings, parties; which will allow you to maintain balance and disconnect from your responsibilities, work, and stress, which you will experience this year with so many changes.

It is through friends and social relationships, how you will improve professionally. Everyone will love you as a partner and help you.

Leo Horoscope 2019 At Work

As for work and profession, it’s going to be tough this year. On March 7, you start a new stage of 7 years, with many sudden changes, that will be presented to you in an unexpected way.

You know how to face the unexpected and you do it well, but there are going to be so many, that you will get enough.

The 3 eclipses of the Sun, which will take place in your house 6, that of work, will be a stressful year, very demanded and with a heavy burden of responsibility.

You are seen as 2 jobs or overtime. It will turn out to be a burden because it will represent a lot of work for you. From the month of December, everything changes and you will be presented with very good and well-deserved opportunities.

Your attitude towards work will change and you will see it in another way. If you are out of work, you will find insurance. Some may change jobs or even profession. You would do well in the Internet world and work online. You will feel more free, than with any other monotonous work.

The good thing is that your partner will support you in your profession and will propel you towards your job improvement. Social life will favor your profession, friends will offer you new opportunities.

Your charisma and your PR capacity will propel you and help you in this professional change that is taking place. You will end up associating with a friend or someone you will meet while you relate. You will succeed.

Leo Horoscope 2019 In Money

Your economy will remain the same, but you will have opportunities to improve it. For this you should pay more attention to your economy, your expenses, to start a business and earn more money. If you decided to start a business or trade, you would do very well.

If you decide to buy or sell a property, it would be an interesting transaction for you. If you want to invest, it would be good to set up a gym or a beauty salon or a spa or a bingo or something of a playful nature. There could be quick and timely changes during the year but do not worry.

Leo Home and Family 2019

There will be no major changes at home. Everything will continue as it is. You will have the power to do and undo, you will send in your home and your family.

But already last year you did works and you like your house as it is. You have turned your house into a gym and this is health. Your house is tidier and cleaner and you love it. There are better energies. You need order, to feel at ease. You worry about the health of your family and take care of them.

This year you will work more from home. What’s more, you could have two jobs, one outside and one at home. You could also start a family business. Your parents prosper and earn more money.

If you have children, they will do very well and they will prosper, but they will continue to live at home. They will also travel and have fun. If you want to get pregnant, this is a good year. You will be very fertile and it will be easy for you.

Leo Horoscope 2019 In Health

Health and energy will be strong, but you will get scared because you will imagine that you have a disease or a nonexistent problem. Do not be negative and do not anticipate events. You will not have anything, but the shock will drastically change your diet and your way of life.

You will be nervous about the changes, overwork … Avoid anguish over things, avoid anxiety and always try to find balance and tranquility. You will avoid nights of insomnia, bad digestion. Your heart will thank you. Accept the loss of control and relax. If you let it flow, everything will go much better and you will feel better.

Your weak points of the year are the knees, the back, the cervicals, the teeth, the skin. Take care of yourself. Massages and exercise will help keep you in shape. Do depurative diets or Detox from time to time, to keep the liver and intestines clean. You will save many discomforts and possible diseases.

Leo Personal Evolution 2019

It will be a year of great changes, due to the 3 solar eclipses and the lunar of January 21, occurs in your sign. They will affect you a lot. You do not have problems with facing the changes.

It goes with your way of being, but this year it will be hard and very loaded with all kinds of changes: at work, with your children, health, with your image, with sex.

Speaking of the image, you will transform and reinvent yourself. The inner evolution, which you will do, you will want to reflect it in your physique. The secret is in the fun, which will allow you to alleviate all the tensions and fatigue.

Your idea of sex has become more spiritual, more sensual and if you do it with moderation. It will go much better. If you abuse, it could be negative for you. Another issue is not hiding your feelings and not repressing your emotions.

Talk about them, express yourself and you will see how everything flows. Do Meditation and get rid of the psychic garbage. So that your backpack is lighter and you can have a better quality of mental, spiritual and physical life. Forgive others, that will also lighten your backpack.

Labor and professional changes will teach you to lose the fear of job instability. Enjoy them without fear and have fun innovating and adapting to new ones.

Leo Horoscope 2019 In Studies

If you are a student, you will try to do well and get good grades. To be able to pass the course or to access the race, which you have set out to do. It is not that you feel like it, but you will do it for your own good. You will try to do your best, alternating fun, friends, activities so that the course is as bearable as possible.

If you are an adult, this year you will not have too much time to read. You will be tired of so much work. But maybe the documentaries will help you. To continue culturizing you without so much effort.


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